Trouble in Disposable Nappies | Why Cloth Diapers

Having spent some time last week looking into the environmental impacts of disposable diapers, I couldn’t ignore the vast amount of information I came across that suggests that the chemicals used in them could be the cause for various symptoms from nappy rash to childhood respiratory illnesses! Like it isn’t bad enough to learn that ‘if Christopher Columbus had worn Pampers, his poop would still be intact in some landfill today’, as stated on the Small Footprint Family’s website, which gives you a breakdown of a few nasties that are commonly used, but that in the name of ‘comfort’ your little one’s super-absorbent ‘happy nappy’ exposes that velvety little bottom to over 50 chemicals, the list of whose possible side-effects makes some scary reading! Also, when reusable diaper is wet, it feels wet and therefore helps the child recognise the need for a change, which has led to suggestion that using cloth diapers facilitates earlier potty learning.

As if you needed more convincing!

A bamboo charcoal cloth diaper laid out flat and the most important areas are labelled