Travel, kids, and reusable nappies

car-414439_1280I have just spent the best part of the past three weeks with my husband and three boys (one, five and six year olds) travelling by car nearly 3000km (1770 miles) to the deepest, darkest Catalonia (in Spain), where the wifi hardly reaches you and the lack of world news and social media gives a rather liberating break from the norm – hence the lack of recent posts!

I was surprised on how quite a few of my friends shook their heads in disbelief when I announced the plan, and a few commented on how ‘brave’ I was – after all, we were talking about our annual family holiday, which to me means doing something different, to give a break from routine to all and everyone. Having returned late last night, I can understand a little better those who thought our plan was ambitious, as the long hours in the car were at times challenging and required steely concentration from whichever of us was at the wheel. Various breaks has to be planned in to keep the little minds occupied, and additional breaks are needed as naturally everyone is thirsty/ needs to pee/ or is hungry at different times – ALWAYS at different times! 😀


However, the insignificant issues of comfort can be overcome by allowing enough time for travel, providing plenty of in-car entertainment (which can handily be placed in reach of the little hands in the Simply Babies Online Car Backseat Organiser!) and keeping an open mind. The days spent exclusively with family exploring new places and trying different kinds of foods whilst picnicking in some of the most astonishing scenery Europe has to offer, is undoubtedly worth a few hours of relative discomfort. The children have observed different cultures and seen different ways of living, in addition to the one they are used to, and it is wonderful to quiz them and hear their child views on all aspects of it. The littlest one too travelled well, but it was also great to see the delight on his face when we returned home, and he was reunited with all his toys!

Naturally we travelled with our trusty Bambungles, however there were a few situations when I cheated and used disposable nappies, which I feel rather sheepish of – and therefore I would love to hear your stories/ tips and experiences on travelling in different countries whilst using reusable nappies – The best comments win a price! 😀