Teething – mother nature’s way of what exactly??!!

So this week seems to have been all about the teeth! I have to admit that so far we’ve been quite lucky.  They’ve always come through in pairs, and generally only caused discomfort for a couple of days.  We’ve never needed to look in teething powders, pain relief medicine, amber necklaces.

Not this time…………

Today we’re on day 8 (and believe me, I am counting!).  My gorgeous, independant, happy, cheeky, mischievous little boy has turned into a (still gorgeous) sad, upset, inconsolable ball of tears and dribble.


I’m writing this today having settled him down for a nap, and thankfully a couple of hours rest for his little gums.  Feet up with a cup of tea then? I wish! I’ve now gotta catch up on the the little jobs round the house that aren’t getting done this week.

For us teething = cuddles……lots and lots of cuddles.  So while I can get dressed while carrying a toddler and prepare and cook a meal, there are a ton of things that have just been ignored.  So the house may be a bit untidy, ironing pile is huge, dusting is BEYOND overdue.  But do I actually care this week? Well ……. yes I do. But so whatMy baby boy needs me.  And if Mummy cuddles help the pain of these pesky incisors cutting then Mummy cuddles are available……..and Bonjela!

This poem sums it up for me today:



14 down, 6 to go!

Gayle x