Sleep……’s child’s play right? If not – then we recommend our Nanny-In-The-Know!

We all go into parenting thinking the sleepless nights will be hard.

And we all go into parenting thinking we know how we’ll encourage our child to sleep – or at the very least how we won’t!  Prospective parents are full of great ideas and strong promises.

The reality – as parents find out – is very different!

Every child is unique.  As is every parent.  That’s what makes the relationship GREAT!

But to survive in the world these days we all need sleep – however we can get it.


Simply Babies Online is thrilled to be able to announce this collaboration with Kate Pullan – Nanny in the Know | Professional Child Sleep Advice.

A well-respected qualified behaviour and sleep advisor, Kate has over 16 years professional experience plus 7 years experience as a mother herself!  She doesn’t advocate the “cry it out” approach; instead she offers a calm approach and encourages parents to focus on the child’s needs.

We PERSONALLY recommend her!

Here’s how to find her: