Reusable nappies are great for this weather




Well with this warm weather  and despite having loads of lovely clothes presents from friends and family, the choice for baby clothes is severely limited to a nappy and nothing else! Fortunately we now have our colourful jungle print reusable nappies to add a bit of variety to the baby’s wardrobe as we don’t want him to get too hot. The breathable fabric is so kind to his skin and keeps the air circulating so we haven’t had any problems with nappy rash. The more I wash the nappies the greater absorbency and we’ve only had one leak – probably due to being a bit lazy and not changing him quickly enough! I really feel the double gusset helps keep fluids where they should be as well! I was worried that yellow newborn poo would stain the nappies so we went for the charcoal bamboo inner lining however the inserts have stayed bright white so I think it would have been fine however I really like the grey colour and it feels so soft and looks as good as new each time it is washed. Have a look below at our budding nappy model!



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