No more messy table dramas!

Tired of seeing your lovingly prepared meals tipped from the table all over the floor?  Really hope that in 2017 your cute little “three-nager” manages to scoop their food actually into their mouths instead of all over your  tablecloth?

Our cat-tastic Playtemat is – thankfully – back in stock just in the nick of time!

We’ve gone from this.…………..

…………to this!

Honestly, we really have! These are real-life examples of our house – not a marketing set-up

The Playtemat is a fully functioning silicone placemat with three deep dishes to hold any food type, including milk for cereal, pasta sauces, yoghurt, even soup. So the ridges, unlike on a standard plate, help your little dude push the food onto their fork and spoon.

And to those who question if having separate compartments creates a fussy eater? Absolutely NOT! In fact it creates a calm independent eater who isn’t having to chase a rogue pea around in circles!

And the generously sized giraffe spoon is a great accompaniment to ease the mealtime madness.  It’s classed as a spoon so has a nice flat spoon shape to help hold the food / liquid, but with very subtle soft serrated edges it helps to spear it too, without being sharp.

So with our four stunning colours to choose from you can’t go wrong at all.  And look at what others have already said……


MmumWe have found it useful for holidays: much easier than lugging round a highchair”

Emma-Rose “and if things do go over the side it lands on the mat! Its nice and deep so great for things like mash or beans!

Leanne “a great idea…….can sometimes struggle to eat certain foods e.g. yoghurt as the pot moves around or tips up, but he had been using the mat to eat his yoghurt out of at breakfast time and this has made it so much easier for him. We will be taking the mat with us next time we eat out also”

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