Here it is! More jungle has infiltrated the Bambungle!

Love the Bambungle as much as we do? But always wanted more choice in the design? Then check out what else we’ve “made with love”…………..

Maybe you have your own little monkey who just loves to climb around and get up to mischief!

Remembering that our Bambungle is so-called due to it’s link with the key factor of bamboo cloth, and the wonderfully expressive jungle design theme, here are two new designs to the family:

Blue Monkey and Turquoise Elephant

The lions and crocodiles can roll over this time –  like a scene from the Jungle Book it’s time for the monkeys and the elephants to take a starring role.

Inspired by my own cheeky little monkey, this new deep blue colour is perfect for matching with darker clothes and jeans.  It’s full of the humour of the impish monkey but matched with the concept of “love” throughout.


And our new elephant design follows through with our idea of strong, formidable, confident, and wildly free characters mixing with some gorgeous vivid turquoise and purple colours, with a tree of love and hearts!




And of course, these fabulous new jungle designs come with ALL the previous thought and quality you’d expect from the Bambungle:

Made from gorgeously soft, eco friendly, responsibly sourced, natural charcoal bamboo cloth

7 times more absorbent than traditional cotton

Each cloth diaper comes with not one but TWO x 3 layer micro fiber inserts

Gorgeous animal prints – your baby will be the envy of their friends

Washable and water proof outer layer

Bambungle cloth diapers are NATURALLY anti bacterial (no added chemical un-natural anti bacterial agents)

Easy snug comfortable fit on even the most active wrigglers and kickers

Manufactured with the latest advanced double leak guard technology

Make sure you and your little one are joining in the jungle fun – grab yours now!

Just search on Amazon for Bambungle, or click on this link below. Happy New Design-Day everyone!