“I just want to be like you Mummy”

Lots of things have been happening in the news regarding babies and children this week.  Alot of heartache and tragedy…………the Zika virus being classified by the World Health Organisation as a public health emergency with the emergence in North America and now Europe, the death of Daniel Pelka’s stepfather in prison bringing the child’s plight back to the headlines, and the tragic cases of Sepsis and the death’s it can cause if not treated properly.

So lots of thoughts have gone through my mind as to what to write a blog about this week.

Then a friend showed me the new research about “breast is best” coming out in the headlines.

It got me thinking what am I actively doing to protect my children and make sure they’re in the best environment.  Breast feeding is such an emotive topic.  I did it for as  long as I could but in some eyes not long enough.  Why are we feeling so pressured by society?  Mothers who breastfeed are getting public criticism for doing so in public places.  However those who bottle feed are feeling vindicated as its “not the best for our babies”. No-one can win.

Then with the spreading of the Zika virus, pregnant women are being advised not to travel to affected areas, and women in general not to have sex for at least a month after having been to an affected area.

And the fall-out from last weeks “pj-gate” on the school run has been fascinating.  I didn’t spot any……..did you?!

Parenting these days is such a minefield.  We’re constantly being told what we should be doing……but then someone else gives conflicting evidence and we’re back to square one.  How should we feed babies, should we co-sleep, do we pick up a crying baby or let them cry it out, what age should we start weaning, should we travel to certain places while pregnant, should we work or stay at home?????

Thankfully I’m past caring what people think about how I parent.  I do my best though I am far from perfect.  And whilst feeling very stressed earlier this week trying to juggle work, the school run, prepping a healthy meal for tea, making sure everyone was dressed and fed, hubby was free to get to work, whilst managing a banging headache, my little girl (5 years old) came up to me and said “When I grow up, I just want to be like you Mummy”.

And that there is everything I ever need to hear.  Whatever decisions I make, that’s my reason for giving my all.