How to make smart babies


One definite upside of the long school holidays drawing to an end is a little bit more ‘me-time’ on the cards. And it just got better!  As I  was reluctantly preparing myself to face the realities and reached for a catalogue of new fitness classes from body pump to core fitness I happened to came across some good news: The latest scientific research seems to suggest that Women with bigger butts give birth to smarter kids!

According to a 2010 study from the University of Oxford, big bottoms result in healthy children because of the high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids (the good fatty acids) stored. These are the same fatty acids that are responsible for the normal development of the baby’s brain.

There you go, another reason to love your body! Enjoying life and feeling good about yourself is surely a better way to step into new season than worrying about a few extra inches here and there. I might just treat myself for a nice cup of coffee and a big slice of cake whilst I pour myself over that fitness catalogue for real…. 😉

Embrace the new beginnings!

@ SimplyBabiesOnline