Ever wonder just how you’re going to manage that long journey with the kids?

It’s the holidays.  That time of year when you’re packing up the car to head out on a family day trip / weekend away / visit to Granny for the weekend.  You’ve been planning it for months……..you’re so excited!

But somehow you’ve got the journey with the kids to get through first! “Are we nearly there yet?” “I’m bored!”  “I’m thirsty!” “I dropped my book” “Yellow car!”

Never fear……..you’re Ridey Tidey is only a few clicks away!  20161021_203830

With two versions now to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ever be able to sit back and relax, listening to the dulcet tones of the Sat Nav !

Our Ridey Tidey comes in two styles; firstly the pocket-poacher, with 15 multi-sized pockets to store anything and everything you may need.

And the newly-launched ipad / tablet holder is perfect for anyone needing some in-car entertainment. With a handy slit in the side for headphones and power chargers to neatly slot in, there’s no need to ever be disturbed either! So whether it’s Peppa Pig, a Little Mix concert, or even Free Willy………..all you will have is peace and quiet! And probably roadworks, but there’s nothing we can do about that – sorry!

cbso_new_main-1cbso ipad

It’s up to you!  In just 3 clicks you could be living the dream 😉