Cloth Diapers / Nappies Is The beginning Of Our Journey…

Hello World! Just a little introduction as to why I have set up this blog. As a mother of a toddler who is just about to start nursery school, another baby due in August and a veterinary surgeon with a cat only vet practice I have been doing some research with this pregnancy into things I think  would have made a load of difference if I had known about them the first time round 😉

Simply Babies On Holiday
Simply Babies On Holiday

Since the toddler has become fully toilet trained I have been deliberating on both the environmental and financial impact of the disposable nappies I have used over the past 2 and  a half years. With the new baby due soon I decided to explore the cloth diapers / nappy (reusable nappy) frontier and was amazed to find the developments in this field compared to the terry towel and safety pin options my mother and grandmother talked about. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the types, sizes, fabrics and brands of reusable nappies never mind how you actually use and clean them but I have found some very useful tips and advice.  At present I’m really interested in the pocket nappy system and am finding out the differences between various fabrics used for the interface between the baby and the nappy. With over 8 million nappies disposed of every day in the UK and with the ever increasing population explosion this figure is going to grow putting further stress on landfill so the reusable nappy has great appeal as well as being more comfortable and natural for babies than disposables.

Having never seen a cloth diaper or as we also call it a reusable nappy I decided to order some different types and compare them. I was really impressed by the quality of most of the resuables I obtained although like with everything, you get what you pay for – the cheaper products were fine but the quality of the more expensive ones with double gussets and bamboo lining was obvious ( this research was carried out over breakfast at the local coffee shop). Across the board however I thought the nappies all felt much more comfortable for putting next to babies’ skin than the paper plastic feel of a disposable.

Material wise I’ve found that bamboo, microfibre and microfleece(microsuede) seem to be best for reusable nappies. Bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable and efficient crop and is better for the local environment than cotton harvesting as it is naturally resistant to pests so requires less chemical treatment. Bamboo fabric is strong, durable, soft and breathable. It is more absorbent than cotton but takes a longer time to dry. Microfibre is a durable, soft,  man made fabric made from polyester. It wicks moisture away from skin and is very quick drying and is often used in high performance sports clothes. Similarly microfleece is made from polyester but is machined to make it fluffy. It is very soft, quick drying and again wicks away moisture so is ideal for sitting next to baby skin. Poo doesn’t stick to fleece and can be easily shaken off.

cloth diaper pocket type laid flat showing insert being placed

The breathable fabric of reusable nappies allows good air circulation around babies’ bottoms and the fact they can easily be removed and replaced compared to disposables reduce the risk of nappy rash.

I’m going to get some of my friends who have just had babies to try some of the new cloth nappies I have had made so watch this space!






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