Bamboo cloth nappies are the way forward!

Not a lot of blogging done over the last week as been really busy with work and looking after the toddler while his Daddy was away on a course. Managed however to re decorate the bedroom for said toddler who was very keen to help …. although help from a nearly 3 year old yielding a brush and roller maybe has a separate definition 😉 The reason we have redecorated his room is that since being on holiday we’ve had major problems getting him to sleep in his own bed and have ended up with him in our bed since. We hoped with changing the decor and getting him an exciting bed he’d want to stay in there instead of star fishing our bed where no one gets a good nights’ sleep! Gone now are the nursery colours and farm animal stickers replaced with nice blue walls, car stickers, Fireman Sam bed clothes and a cabin bed with underneath tent and a slide!!! Needless to say – he’s now a happy boy although the first few nights we waited with anticipation of a bump landing at the bottom of the slide – touch wood he’s been wide awake when doing this and not slipping out in his sleep!

IMG_20130526_114101 IMG_3749 IMG_3767 IMG_3772

On the nappy front – we’ve had some great feedback from friends who have loved the softness of the bamboo nappies as well as the fact they are grey coloured so less likely to stain which is something I hadn’t thought of. I’m sure everyone has that off white old kind of underwear that’s really comfortable but you don’t want to be seen in so hopefully the coloured lining will be a way to prevent this with the nappies! Hence we’ve decided our line of nappies will be bamboo cloth lined. Now when I first heard of bamboo I thought of pandas chewing lengths of stick however much as cotton comes from a plant,  bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable and efficient crop and is better for the local environment than cotton harvesting as it is naturally resistant to pests so requires less chemical treatment. Bamboo fabric itself is strong but soft, durable and breathable. It is more absorbent than cotton but takes a bit longer time to dry. Due to the drying nature we’ve decided the nappy inserts will be 3 layer microfibre. Microfibre is a durable, very soft man made fabric made from polyester. It wicks moisture away from skin and is very quick drying and is often used in high performance sports clothes as well as being great for nappies. We’ve also chosen 2 jungle theme outer layers which are so cute – I can’t wait to get them on our baby!


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