Baby Essentials

According to new research, new parents are likely to spend more than £400 on nursery products they can do without, and consumer group Which? has unveiled a list of ten most pointless baby items from door bouncers to baby slings. Over the years all those unnecessary purchases may amount to thousands of pounds as vulnerable new mums and proud dads are targeted by ruthless marketing in their desire to offer the best possible start in life for their new pride and joy.

However, there’s no need to rush. Because if you do have children your house WILL  – sooner or later –  be cluttered with a heap of baby-related gear, some of which you will have never even tried.

The best way forward is to only buy what you absolutely cannot live without, and acquire more things as you go along. It’s also worth remembering that all families are different, and what is considered a lifesaver for one, may be entirely unnecessary for the other.

Be organized and do your research; read reviews and baby blogs, and ask advice from friends and relatives. Other ways to save money and the environment is to buy secondhand, and borrow as many items as you can – you can always buy them later if you must.

And finally, do recycle those items that you bought only because someone told you that you wouldn’t be able to live without them – you never know, they might make someone else’s day! 🙂