A weekend away – yet packed enough for a year!

So this weekend the family are heading off for a weekend away visiting friends.  It’s only a few hours drive, and we’re only going for a couple of nights, plus we’re staying in their house so have access to all facilities……..however if you looked at the packed up car you’d surely think we were going into the wilderness for a year!

How do children require so much stuff? I mean they are tiny little things, they are literally a quarter of the size of me yet their bags are double the size?

Thankfully our friends have a travel cot already there for the baby to sleep in, plus a high chair.  And we haven’t packed any toys to take as they have children there so plenty of their own.  Yet still the car boot is full of stuff for the kids!

Clothes – for every eventuality and weather expected, snacks to keep tummy’s full and suitable for babies and children (and Mum and Dad!), shoes and coats and hats and scarfs, and things to entertain them on the journey.

That’s probably the trickiest time of the holiday – the dreaded journey.  “Are we nearly there yet?”, “I need a wee”, “the sun’s in my eyes”, “can I have a drink”, “Matthew just hit me”, “I don’t like this song”.

It can be endless! So the car backseat organiser is packed to the brim.  Healthy treats available to hopefully prevent the service-station stop on the way there.  Books to read and small toys to play with.  Water bottles to stave off thirsts.  DVD’s for the eldest to keep her entertained – BUT with headphones to keep it quiet so hopefully the youngest will sleep! And sweet treats for the impending bribery that always happens at some point.  And the absolute Mummy first world essential – a packet of wipes! No journey should ever be attempted without a packet of wipes to clear up the inevitable spills and sticky fingers and faces.

So here it begins, we’ve asked a thousand times if anyone needs to go to the toilet, changed the baby’s nappy again (there’s always an explosion JUST as we’re about to go out the door), Big Hero 6 is loaded on the in-car dvd player…………and we’re off.  Shattered, exhausted, and feeling as if we’ve lived a day already.  But it’ll be worth it.   We’ll have a great weekend away.  Quick call to my friend so she knows we’re on our way – oops did I really just say “have a bottle of wine ready when we get there?!

And then in 48 hours…………..we gotta do the return journey again!  Please pray for me!  See you on the other side guys.


If you’d like to have a look at the Simply Babies Car Backseat Organiser then just click on this link