Camping with a young family at Easter?????? Surely it’ll be fine…………

Approximately a month ago, during February, we had one glorious warm Spring-like day, and so I convinced the other half we should go camping with the family at Easter.

Of course, I forgot Easter was early this year in March, therefore maybe a little on the chilly side to be sleeping outside with just a thin layer of canvas to keep us warm…………..


Oh well!  Th20160325_170332e site was booked, and early Good Friday morning the car was packed to the rafters and off we set.

What could possibly go wrong???!!!!



To be fair it all worked out fine.  YES it was cold, YES we spent a chilly day battling the elements at the nearby fairground, YES we shivered as we ran around the beach, and YES a pesky seagull did pinch the flapjack right out of my hand!

And the youngest found it hilarious that we all slept in one “bedroom” together and joyfully played peek-a-boo for over an hour at 2am.

And you know what? It was fabulous! 

You just can’t beat being in the outdoors (and I’m really not an outdoor person).  The kids were happy, so we were happy.  So nice not to have all the chores and jobs to do, mobile phone and electronic devices beeping away (though the hubby did stream the England V Germany match – I’ll let him off for that one!)


But having to keep organised in a tent is not an easy job.  Everything has to have its place, and of course it’s delightfully all within reach of a toddler. So very quickly our car back seat organiser became an extra tent organiser……perfect – another 15 pockets of storage!

Even more perfect when the eldest’s tooth fell out and had to be kept safe for the tooth fairy that night!


So all in all, we had an amazing family weekend.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Would I do it again as early as Easter? Absolutely not!


Gayle x


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